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Oval Flange Gaskets

Our flanges meet current American Water Works Association (AWWA) C-800 standards, in both design and alloy. We offer a wide variety of flange sizes with threaded-in, male threaded, and sweat connections for copper tube, copper or iron pipe and steel pipe. All coupling nuts are drilled for sealwire.

Brass and cast iron flange kits with gaskets and fittings
Oval brass and cast iron flanges
Round brass and cast iron companion flanges
Drop-in and full face gaskets
Nuts and bolts
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Oval Flange Gaskets
Oval Flange Gaskets

Meter Size Part No. Description
Box Qty.
Box Wt.
1-1/2" 4194G drop-in
2" 4195G drop-in
1-1/2" 4196G full-face
2" 4197G full-face
1-1/2" 4196R full-face reinforced
2" 4197R full-face reinforced



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